Vincent la grenouille makes his blog debut

Here's my attempt to post a video on my blog. It appears to be much easier to do than I originally thought -- let's see if I remember how to do this later this week, however!

This is a video link that my 6th and 7th grade French students absolutely LOVE to help them practice the French alphabet. I find it funny just because Vincent la grenouille (Vincent the frog) doesn't seem to have much personality. I mean, does he ever blink or change his intonation? Does he ever speed things up? Oh well, for some reason it makes us all giggle and it does help them practice.


  1. Great teaching tool, right! I have to figure out how to incorporate more videos for math and LA. There is so much out there and I feel like I get overwhelmed and run out of time :)

  2. Que rana mas bonita! Me hubiera gustado oirla pero fue bastante comico viendo su boca...
    Has encontrado una en espanol?