Fine and dandy

Connie and Steve asked us to vent about our day today on our blog because it appears that many people had one of those "full moon" days. I have to say that while I ended my day with a combined 8th grade Spanish class of 35 plus, it went well and my day went smoothly. What's up with that? I'm off to read your blogs now to find out just how lucky I was today! :-)


I tried my best

Perhaps today was a day where traditional teaching would've worked best for me. I tried to do the tutorials, but feel like I would've liked going through this together in a group. I am sure, however, that I would've slowed everyone down, so this would not be a good use of your time! I just feel that others got more out of the experience than I did today and I'm left feeling a bit behind.

My time with Slideshare was quite frustrating. After much searching, I still couldn't find any with sound or music, nor could I find any that would run themselves. I would just click on random topics, and then read the slides without really knowing how it all was intended to be tied together. I am a visual person, but I also need more than just slides. I need help making the connections. I obviously am missing something here and will need to go back to this tutorial again with a whole new attitude and outlook. I did attempt the PBS link with the Slideshare/Voice Thread and will try to head back there again. A new day, a new me.

I did decide, however, to head to Marvel instead of continuing to sit in frustration with Slideshare. I found this to be quite a resource and, because I had spent so much time dabbling in Slideshare (how many times can I mention this?!), I need to make time to return to Marvel. I searched Three Cups of Tea and conflict in Afghanistan and found some great things -- Cristin found tons more! I am very eager to go back to this prior to our interdisciplinary planning. I wonder if others on the team have tried it yet? I may just email them some of the articles that I found...or maybe I'll make a folder and then share the folder...there's a thought!

3-2-1: I'm Ready!

I am going to be honest with you and say that my mind is currently elsewhere. I have 150+ progress reports that await me and know that it will take some time to complete them. While I enjoy grading online, I have to say that it still seems to take me quite a bit of time to do. I will try to transition my thinking to class, however, because I know there is much to learn! And so, dear readers, thank you for "listening" to me vent for just a minute! Phew!

I am soon going to be asking for all 8th graders gmail addresses so that they can begin doing their daily starters through either google docs or a blog...to be determined! I'd love to attach pictures for them to describe and can't wait until I figure out the technology enough to do speaking assignments online, too! I keep being drawn towards Voice Thread for this, but need to research that/discuss that more.

Perhaps I've typed enough now to get me in the frame of mind for class? Thanks for letting us blog first so that we can shift gears from a busy day of teaching to a busy few hours of being the student! I'm ready to learn!


No pressure

After pressuring myself to come up with activities to immediately use in my classroom that would apply these new technology tools, I have decided that it suits me best to continue to practice at each new class, process what I'm learning, and jot down notes and ideas to go back to once I see what all is out there. I know for sure that I am drawn to blogging, VoiceThread, and Google Docs, but the "how to apply to make meaning" part is where I'm still struggling. I know it will happen, I just don't know when or how! Perhaps next week? Perhaps October? Definitely by the end of the school year!


Stay tuned

Once again, my mind is full with ideas of possible uses for yet another technology tool! I do definitely see huge value to using Voicethread in my classroom, but where to begin? With a picture that students will describe in the target language? With a vocabulary lesson where they also practice their pronounciation? These are fine (but simple) uses; I know there's so much more to do to get the most out of it and to not only make it relevant, but also add rigor. Many things we do in the classroom can easily transfer (and be made more accessible) via Voicethread and this is exciting to me. Once again, I'm left sifting, pondering, creating, thinking -- always thinking! To be continued...

Vincent la grenouille makes his blog debut

Here's my attempt to post a video on my blog. It appears to be much easier to do than I originally thought -- let's see if I remember how to do this later this week, however!

This is a video link that my 6th and 7th grade French students absolutely LOVE to help them practice the French alphabet. I find it funny just because Vincent la grenouille (Vincent the frog) doesn't seem to have much personality. I mean, does he ever blink or change his intonation? Does he ever speed things up? Oh well, for some reason it makes us all giggle and it does help them practice.


An attempt

Well, I'm trying to figure out how to add video, and it's just not working! Ugh! I want to post a fun youtube that I show in my classroom about verb conjugation. I can't seem to figure out how to place the video here directly, but I think I remember how to make an easy link for you to get there. Let's see if this works.

Conjugation Back

Will someone help me through the steps of adding video to my blog without the link? Thanks! I'm sure I'm missing something quite obvious, but alas...I just can't figure it out!

UPDATE! I learned how to post this as a video today and so, if you haven't clicked on the link mentioned above, no worries! Just watch now! Enjoy!