No pressure

After pressuring myself to come up with activities to immediately use in my classroom that would apply these new technology tools, I have decided that it suits me best to continue to practice at each new class, process what I'm learning, and jot down notes and ideas to go back to once I see what all is out there. I know for sure that I am drawn to blogging, VoiceThread, and Google Docs, but the "how to apply to make meaning" part is where I'm still struggling. I know it will happen, I just don't know when or how! Perhaps next week? Perhaps October? Definitely by the end of the school year!


  1. I definitely understand the pressure :) Start small, and work from there . . . You are doing the blog for this class, and I know you post to Homework Now . . .so maybe just start a language blog of your own, and have your students check it out every now and again . . . or maybe a current event from Spain or France to talk about on the blog . . . the wheels are a turning :)


  2. Taking time to find meaningful applications is really important, Andee. For now, it is great that you are open to trying new things. Just have fun!!
    You already integrate technology in many ways