I tried my best

Perhaps today was a day where traditional teaching would've worked best for me. I tried to do the tutorials, but feel like I would've liked going through this together in a group. I am sure, however, that I would've slowed everyone down, so this would not be a good use of your time! I just feel that others got more out of the experience than I did today and I'm left feeling a bit behind.

My time with Slideshare was quite frustrating. After much searching, I still couldn't find any with sound or music, nor could I find any that would run themselves. I would just click on random topics, and then read the slides without really knowing how it all was intended to be tied together. I am a visual person, but I also need more than just slides. I need help making the connections. I obviously am missing something here and will need to go back to this tutorial again with a whole new attitude and outlook. I did attempt the PBS link with the Slideshare/Voice Thread and will try to head back there again. A new day, a new me.

I did decide, however, to head to Marvel instead of continuing to sit in frustration with Slideshare. I found this to be quite a resource and, because I had spent so much time dabbling in Slideshare (how many times can I mention this?!), I need to make time to return to Marvel. I searched Three Cups of Tea and conflict in Afghanistan and found some great things -- Cristin found tons more! I am very eager to go back to this prior to our interdisciplinary planning. I wonder if others on the team have tried it yet? I may just email them some of the articles that I found...or maybe I'll make a folder and then share the folder...there's a thought!


  1. I agree with you Andee. I wasn't so sure about slideshow. I have to watch myself because I caught myself calling in SIDESHOW!!!!

  2. We just have to keep telling ourselves that not every tool will be needed for each event--just like artisans, contractors, MUSICIANS!!! We don't expect them to be expert users on every tool, or instrument--or for foreign language teachers to know how to speak EVERY language...we need help learning to filter, people!