3-2-1: I'm Ready!

I am going to be honest with you and say that my mind is currently elsewhere. I have 150+ progress reports that await me and know that it will take some time to complete them. While I enjoy grading online, I have to say that it still seems to take me quite a bit of time to do. I will try to transition my thinking to class, however, because I know there is much to learn! And so, dear readers, thank you for "listening" to me vent for just a minute! Phew!

I am soon going to be asking for all 8th graders gmail addresses so that they can begin doing their daily starters through either google docs or a blog...to be determined! I'd love to attach pictures for them to describe and can't wait until I figure out the technology enough to do speaking assignments online, too! I keep being drawn towards Voice Thread for this, but need to research that/discuss that more.

Perhaps I've typed enough now to get me in the frame of mind for class? Thanks for letting us blog first so that we can shift gears from a busy day of teaching to a busy few hours of being the student! I'm ready to learn!


  1. Andee, hope my teacher voice with a few little 6th grade boys wasn't too much in the hall today. They just needed to be reminded who was in charge and it isn't them!

    Ok, You will get your work corrected and grades done. You will and it will all be ok.

  2. As Debbie says, you'll get finished with grades. Blogs are good for transitioning and venting!

  3. I have those grades lingering as well :) No worries, it will get done :)