Stay tuned

Once again, my mind is full with ideas of possible uses for yet another technology tool! I do definitely see huge value to using Voicethread in my classroom, but where to begin? With a picture that students will describe in the target language? With a vocabulary lesson where they also practice their pronounciation? These are fine (but simple) uses; I know there's so much more to do to get the most out of it and to not only make it relevant, but also add rigor. Many things we do in the classroom can easily transfer (and be made more accessible) via Voicethread and this is exciting to me. Once again, I'm left sifting, pondering, creating, thinking -- always thinking! To be continued...


  1. Andee, I love how you refer to the 3Rs! Very nice. Yes, there are many educational applications of Voicethread. And, it is fun!

    I also like Senor Frog:-)

  2. Your blog is blooming, Andee. Nice work!