Finding the Joy!

While I cannot tell you where Waldo is located, I can tell where I am at this very moment. I am sitting on my screened porch (built by good old Charlie!) typing this quick little post from my laptop. That's right -- I am wireless! Woo hoo! I am one happy camper here! I'll post more later, but I just had to share the joy with someone out there. Thanks for all who helped me problem solve -- it worked!


  1. I love the new MacBook. I had some trouble going wireless at first, but then remembered something Steve had told me to do last year, and it worked! Yipee!

    I was checking out and exploring the laptops, and stumbled upon this great little application that allows us to look at our students screens somehow from ours (Screen Sharing) . . . I haven't used this before, but am thinking it would be put to great use in my room once figured out :)

  2. Andee, Woohoo is right! Good for you. You are SO cool and SO smart. And what a great day to be on your porch, too. I took a long kayak paddle with a friend this afternoon. It felt like summer!