Taking It Easy

Today I am going to try to relax, slow down, and just be kind to little old me. I realize that I've been expecting myself to not only understand these technology tools, but to immediately know how to apply them to my classroom. Guess what I learned? That is not possible for this girl! I need time to practice (thank you for giving us that!) and time to process. I definitely do have some ideas, but they're big and I'm thinking I should start small.

I hope to add more to my Delicious account today now that I have renewed energy to try it again thanks to Cristin. I also hope to go back to PortaPortal to do some more searching there, too. I know that I will find more and more information out there today and that I will be tempted to kick into information overload, but I will simply enjoy the search today and think about it more over the next few days. Breathe in, breathe out. Here I go...


  1. I had to be reminded to start small as well :) I get overwhelmed with all these great tools, and then think, how am I going to get to this . . .but we do have to start small and build on it throughout the year.

    Maybe I need a sticky note on my laptop to remind me . . . start small!

  2. Yeah, start small, keep smiling and don't skip the journalling...I think this blog is helpful reflection.

  3. I think starting small is smart! I understand, Andee, about feeling overwhelmed with all of these great tools. I feel the same way! Hey, I just followed you!