Day Two Hopes (Without the Fears!)

After reading last night's chapters, I am hoping that we begin to set up an RSS Feed today. I am interested in learning how to organize it by categories and have been thinking about what types of information I would like to receive with continual updates. I am going to try to adhere to the advice that Will Richardson gave in his text which is to start with only ten that I would be able to read regularly, get used to how it all works, and then go from there. Good advice, especially for a person who is new to all of this!

I tried to check out the language blogs last night at home and found that I need to narrow my search because they were not classroom blogs, but rather language learning blogs, professional language blogs, etc. This is of interest to me, but not what I was originally seeking when thinking of blogging. So, if there is some extra time in class today, I may go back to my search.

I am also very intrigued in the power and potential of the world of wiki and how we are all able to create this together. The classroom references that Richardson mentioned were extremely interesting to me and I can't wait to hear more about it all today!

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