Fog in the Blogosphere

Maybe I took the blog entry on brevity too seriously, but I really do feel like the title of this post says it all. I also read posts on homework, ducks, and plastic bags. Homework, and ducks, and plastic -- oh my! Where are the language references? How do I apply what I'm reading to my French and Spanish classroom? I don't want to make a blog that simply asks students to answer writing prompts in the target language. Perhaps a culture blog? Perhaps a blog with video? Perhaps a blog with speaking practice? Is this even possible?

Right before being asked to post our first blog entry, Connie made a wonderful suggestion for me to Google search "foreign language:blogs" and voila, an amazing list of options appeared before me! I am very eager to start reading some of these in hopes that the "blog fog" will clear! Don't get me wrong--I am fond of ducks and don't use plastic bags, but I'm looking forward to finding blogs that are more content specific so that I can get these creative juices flowing!


  1. I understand your feelings about making it relevant. I think that once we get to that point-maybe reading others blogs that apply-then it will spark ideas about how we can make good use of the technology.

  2. As I read your blog, Andee, I think about what Debbie said about being a "blog consumer" versus being a "blog producer," using blogs to get information instead of as a tool to interact with students.

    I think the consumer part is more familiar and easy-what I tend to do the most with the internet. Taking blogs into the classroom, being a producer of them, is kind of scary to me. I am afraid I will start something that I won't be able to keep up with....

  3. Keeping up is certainly an "off-putting" thought. We need to just keep telling ourselves baby steps baby steps...and putting things within our contexts and not thinking too big yet. There are a lot of neat things to come in class; some will be more relevant than others...hopefully! :)

  4. Deveres, patos, y plastico - dios mio!
    Making it relevant and valuable to the students is the key. I can set up a blog for my level 3s and 4s who have the tools to be successful using this tech. But what of my lower levels ie: middle school. I want to focus on speaking/comprehension yet how do I do this in a writing based medium? Can we record conversations based on a speaking prompt? No se...
    Hablamos mas luego!

  5. Andee,
    Finding some examples of blogs for beginning foreign language classes will help clarify how to use this tool in your class. And, brainstorming with Henry will be a help, too. Perhaps blogs won't be a good "fit" for you. But, you can link videos, audio, and photos to a blog. So, don't give up too readily.
    Your colleagues comments were good ones.
    Thanks for being in the class and helping make the first day a successful one. At least there was air-conditioning!

  6. The above comment was from me, Andee. I created Kathy's google account yesterday, and did not sign myself back in!

  7. Here is that link to the Spanish culture site

    It look good but takes time to look through.
    Buena suerte